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July 29, 2021
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What Is Fake Telegram Members?
July 29, 2021
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August 8, 2021
secret chat on Telegram

secret chat on Telegram

Telegram offers a lot of features to its users that astonished them. Secret chat on Telegram is one of these features which comes from the high security of this app. Telegram is popular mostly because of the privacy which gives to users from all over the world. Doruv’s brother didn’t even sell the right of having access to the users’ information to Russia, which is their own country.

According to www.buytelegrammember.net, Secret chat is one of the users’ favorite factors that let them chat with anyone that they want with high security. If you want to use this feature of Telegram, go through this article to know what the secret chat exactly is and what features it has that make it different from regular chat. Here, you can also learn how to start a secret chat with anyone that you want.

What is Secret Chat on Telegram?

One of the most interesting factors of Telegram is the secret chat. Secret chat is different from the regular chat on this platform and it is super secure compared to the normal chat. This feature of Telegram opens a chat window that allows the users to chat privately that even Telegram doesn’t have access to this window. Therefore, when you want to start an important, secret chat with somebody in a safe condition, you can use this feature of Telegram.

You can also use the secret chat when you don’t want your contacts to save your messages or forward them to someone else. But remember the fact that it is better not to use it for your routine chat and use it only when that it is necessary. That is because, sometimes you need a backup from your chats which if you use secret chat, you are going to lose it.

The other limitation in using the secret chat is that you can see the secret chat on the device that you have started there; for instance, there is no sign of it on your Telegram desktop if you start secret chat on your phone. Consider the fact that you are not only incapable of forwarding your contact’s messages but also yours.

disable telegram secret chat

disable telegram secret chat

The Features of Secret type Chat

Secret chat on Telegram has a lot of features that make it different from regular chat. Here are some of these features to become more familiar with it:

  • End to End Encryption – it means that all the messages which are changing on secret chat have their codes that only the receiving and sending devices can use and identify. Thus, no one but you and your contact has access to your messages. Even Telegram has no access to such messages; therefore, the end-to-end encryption provides a safe situation that assures you there is no way for seeing your messages by any other person.
  • Self-Destruct – another important feature of secret chat on Telegram is the ability to delete the chat automatically. You can set the time and for instance, you can set that your messages omit after one minute.
  • Announcing Screenshot – if your contact takes a screenshot from your chat, a message is going to come to you that make you aware of this fact.
  • Inability to forward the messages – as it is mentioned before, you and your contact are not able to forward the messages which this feature gives you the privacy that you want.

How to Start This Type of Chat

There are two ways to start a secret chat on Telegram. The first way is to go to the setting of the Telegram and click on New Secret Chat. Then you must follow the instructions below:

  • After clicking on New Secret Chat, choose the contact that you want to chat privately.
  • Then the secret chat opens and you must wait until your contact becomes online.
secret chat

secret chat

The other way for starting a secret chat needs to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the regular chatroom of you and your contact or open it from the list of the contacts.
  • Touch the name of the contact at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the “Start Secret Chat”.
  • Click on “Ok”.
  • Now, you can start the secret chat.

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Remember that, there is no possibility to have a group secret chat and this feature of Telegram is also possible between two users.

Disable a Telegram’s Secret Version of Chat

To disable a secret chat on Telegram you just need to click on the “Delete Chat” on the setting of your chat. After doing that, your contact is going to receive a message with the context of “Secret chat canceled”. After that, he or she is not able to send you any messages and all the messages are going to be deleted. For starting another secret chat, you must start a new one. As you can see, the secret chat is one of the most powerful features of Telegram in saving your privacy.

Telegram security

Telegram security

The Bottom Line

Telegram is one of the safest online platforms for users who care about their privacy and security. That is because the authority of Telegram has proved the fact that it is important to them to save their app’s users’ personal information. So, for proving their honesty they have offered the secret chat on Telegram. Secret chat on Telegram means a window to chat privately and with high security.

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This type of chat is completely different from regular chat on Telegram. There are several features that make this factor outstanding. The privacy of secret chat is so strong that even the Telegram authorities don’t have any access to it. For using it you must follow some simple steps and enjoy the safety of it. The only thing that you must consider in using Telegram secret chat is its limitation for getting the back-ups for your chat. You cannot save the chat or forward the messages on secret chat. So, it is better to use it for certain goals, not for routine interactions.

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