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Methods to Increase Telegram Channel Members
July 29, 2021
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August 4, 2021

Having more members is a great expectation for all those who have made a channel in Telegram for any reason. Having a huge number of members in Telegram is the thing that puts a channel on pedestals. That’s why the channel owners and admins do all they can to increase the number of their channel’s members such as advertising, collaborating with other channels, buy members, and any other useful ways. One of the other ways for increasing members is to get fake telegram members.

 A fake member of Telegram is a kind of member who is not real and it is a kind of member who sees your pos  ts or messages. These types of members are made by a virtual phone number. Some of the channel owners make fake members with virtual numbers and use the fake member-making robot, and the others prefer to buy the fake member package. Here is further information about the advantages and disadvantages of Telegram’s fake members and how to get them.

Pros and Cons of a Fake Telegram Member

For knowing fake Telegram members better, you should know their advantages and disadvantages. Although the word “fake” has a negative connotation and you cannot ignore the dark side of it, they must have some benefits that the Telegram authorities let them be. Furthermore, you cannot find anything in this world without both dark and bright sides. You are the one who must decide if fake members are suitable for your channel or not. Therefore, it is necessary to know all the pros and cons of fake members before using fake Telegram member adders.

fake Telegram-members

fake Telegram-members

The benefits that fake members can bring to you are:

· Boost your channel – as it was mentioned earlier one of the attractive qualities of fake members is the fact that your channel is going to seem professional; because the first thing that real members are going to check is the number of members which makes them trust.

· Affordability – getting more members through advertising could be expensive and if you are at the beginning of your activity on Telegram, you may not have enough money for such advertisements. In this sense, it is suggested to increase your members by the fake ones. In this sense, you are able to collaborate with channels that have acceptable members.

The main weak points of getting fake members are:

· Ruining your reputation – although it is a good idea to increase your channel’s popularity with fake members, it would ruin your reputation if most of your members were fake. So, keep the balance and add fake members in a way that your posts’ views won’t be far lesser than your members’.

· Telegram authorities delete fake members – at the very beginning Telegram is ok with adding fake members, but it is going to delete them one by one after a while. So, it is better not to rely on unreal members very much.

telegram subscribers

telegram subscribers

Getting Telegram’s Fake Members for Free

There are some popular ways for adding the number of fake members to Telegram. The first one is to make fake members with a virtual number. For doing this you can use a fake member robot for your channel. The bot is going to make fake members by the virtual number automatically and increase your channel members. This robot is going to work until the time that you stop it; otherwise, the fake member maker is going to do its job as much as you charge it.

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The other way for getting fake members is to use fake Telegram member software. You can use it on your smartphone version of Telegram or the Telegram desktop. But remember that it might put your device’s security in danger. However, if you search for a fake Telegram member apk in the play store of your smartphone, you are going to see a lot of free apps for getting fake members.

In most of these apps, you just need to add the link of your channel in a specific box and wait for getting members who are not real. Sometimes you need to pay for getting a fake member. However, there is a way to not pay money. You can join the others’ channels who are supporting the app instead of paying money. In this sense, you are going to gain virtual coins that by paying them, you can get fake members.

Buying Fake Member for Telegram

Buying fake members is another way to raise the number of your channel members. Hopefully, there are a lot of websites and companies which are selling real and fake members. You just need to search about them and find the one which has gained reputation through working on-time with great services which guarantee your wishes for increasing the number of your members.

Some people think that it is complicated to find a reliable source for buying members. They are somehow right, but there are some simple ways for doing this. For instance, you can ask for referrals from sources that you trust. Typically, all of us can rely on acquaintances such as family, friends, and some of our colleagues. The other way for asking for identifying the best company for buying fake members are the websites which are introducing these companies with their professional backgrounds and their clients’ reviews about their packages.

telegram followers

telegram followers

The Bottom Line

One of the ways for increasing the number of telegram members is getting fake members. Having fake Telegram members and buy fake Telegram members has a lot of advantages and disadvantages for your channel which is completely up to your decision that it is going to be a good technique for increasing your channel success or not.

You can get fake members for free or buy them. For getting free unreal members you can use the app or Telegram bots. And if you decide to buy a package of such members, it is better to search about the sellers carefully and find the one which is highly secure with big-time services.


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