Telegram Call
How To Call With Telegram?
February 7, 2022
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February 21, 2022
Telegram Call
How To Call With Telegram?
February 7, 2022
Change Telegram Name
How To Change Telegram Name?
February 21, 2022
Telegram and WhatsApp

Telegram and WhatsApp

We are living in the world of technology and social media.

Without a doubt, almost all of us have installed at least one of the social media on our devices.

It seems that among all the messengers, WhatsApp and Telegram are the most popular ones.

Both of these online platforms have provided beneficial features that allow the users to use them without any difficulties.

However, many people are thinking about the question of “will Telegram replace WhatsApp?”

In recent years, Telegram has become so much power that this question doesn’t seem a simple theory.

You can read the reasons for such a claim in the rest of the article.

After that, you can come to the point that why people think Telegram will replace WhatsApp and decide better about using these apps.

We have limited life and we’d better not spend our time on such trials and error.

Telegram and WhatsApp

Telegram and WhatsApp

Will Telegram Replace WhatsApp?

It seems that Replacing WhatsApp with Telegram is not something far-fetched.

In recent years, Telegram has developed its services in a way that gives the users a variety of options to use it better.

People feel more satisfied with Telegram and all the amazing developments of this app.

If you go through this topic deeply, you can understand the fact that the founders of Telegram were completely aware of the strength of WhatsApp and its popularity among people.

So, they knew that they must create an app that is more powerful than WhatsApp.

The useful differences of Telegram is the reason for the question of “will Telegram replace WhatsApp?”

In the following sections of this article, all of these priorities are explained.

Maybe by reading this article, you, yourself, can answer this question.

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Unlimited Server Storage

According to many people’s reports, one of the best features of Telegram, compared to WhatsApp is the unlimited storage of this app.

Unlimited storage in Telegram was that all your data including text messages, media files, and documents will save on Telegram’s cloud.

When you log out from your account to log in with another device, there is no need to be worried about the data on your account.

They will remain safe and secure and you can use them on another device as well.

However, if you study WhatsApp, you will see that there are no features like that.

Thus, it is one of the downfalls of WhatsApp and many users are complaining about losing their data and documents on their WhatsApp accounts.

More than that, you cannot download any file any time you want on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is limited in uploading files in high quality and size.

On the other hand, Telegram allows you to upload a single file up to the max size of 2GB.

Telegram like WhatsApp

Telegram like WhatsApp

Groups, Channels, and Bots on Telegram

Another major difference between Telegram and WhatsApp is the existence of useful platforms on Telegram.

Although you can find groups as a common factor of both these apps, the capacity of the Telegram groups and some of its features are so much different from WhatsApp.

The first difference could be the capacity of the group for having members.

As you might know, WhatsApp groups could be not more than 256 members; but, Telegram allows its groups to have a maximum of 200,000 members.

There are also lots of other differences including adding polls and voice chats in Telegram that you cannot find in WhatsApp.

The other major disparity between Telegram and WhatsApp channels is that you can find them in Telegram.

Channels are the same as groups but with an unlimited number of members and the inability of the members for sharing content.

People use channels for making money; that’s why many believe that Telegram will replace WhatsApp.

And finally, Telegram bots are the programs that you cannot find on WhatsApp.

By the use of these programs, Telegram users can increase their speed and productivity on this app and use it more effectively.

For instance, they can make stickers, images, and gifs by some useful Telegram bots.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not support such programs.

High Privacy of Telegram

When it comes to the question of “will Telegram replace WhatsApp?” you can say yes because of the matter of privacy and security.

Because it seems after selling the authority of WhatsApp to Facebook, many people lost their trust in this app.

On the other hand, Telegram has very strict rules about the users’ privacy and the authorities of this app didn’t accept the government’s order to sell this matter to them.

Another element of high privacy in Telegram is the matter of end-to-end encryption.

The secret chat on Telegram is a powerful tool for sending and receiving messages without even access to even the Telegram servers.

The secret chat on Telegram is so much secured that you cannot forward the messages and you get an alarm when the other person tries to get a screenshot of the chat.

Telegram messenger

Telegram messenger

Sharing Files and Media

As a Telegram user, you can share any type of file in Telegram.

As mentioned before, WhatsApp has limitations in sharing files in size.

People prefer to use Telegram for sending and receiving files from images to different types of files of any size.

You can also send images and videos in compressed or uncompressed versions.

Therefore you can manage the quality of the files during sending files.

This could be another reason for the theory of replacing WhatsApp with Telegram.

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The Bottom Line

Will Telegram replace WhatsApp? This is a challenging question that could be studied under several categories.

Because both of these apps have their fans; however, according to many reports there are several reasons to claim the fact that Telegram will kill WhatsApp very soon.

There are a lot of differences between these two apps which makes Telegram more powerful.

It seems that Telegram is on the top priority because of more users than it has including unlimited storage and privacy, sharing different kinds of files of any size, having different groups, channels, and bots.

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