Why Did Telegram Grow? (Interesting Points)

Buy Real Telegram Subscribers
Buy Real Telegram Subscribers
February 4, 2021
Telegram Business
Success In Telegram Business (Useful Methods)
March 6, 2021
Buy Real Telegram Subscribers
Buy Real Telegram Subscribers
February 4, 2021
Telegram Business
Success In Telegram Business (Useful Methods)
March 6, 2021

Why did Telegram grow in just 3 years? Telegram was not the first messaging software.

Before that, there were WeChat, WhatsApp, Skate and other popular software that had many users.

But recently, Telegram quickly took its place, and now most people who have a smartphone have Telegram on their phone and are using it.

Now we want to examine together why Telegram grew and what was the main factor in this success.

The Telegram messenger app was first launched for the iPhone on August 14, 2013 and then released the alpha version for Android on October 20, 2013.

So you see, Telegram did not get here in a few months. It may have taken him two years to find his place.

The growth of telegrams can be a good lesson for start-ups. How did he get here?

So Telegram has been working on its facilities since 2013. But we see that it suddenly rises like this.

The main reason is that Telegram has tried to place all the good features that existed in other messaging software in a professional style in its messenger version.

One of the disadvantages of other messaging software was the lack of proper support for multi-platform capability.

But now we see that Telegram can be installed on any device you can think of.

How Telegram Works?

So the facilities that were installed in Telegram for free and of course more completely, was one of its prominent features for its growth.

But another feature of Telegram, according to the company’s own officials, is the possibility of secure communication and encryption.

Telegram has a feature called “Secret Chat” allows Telegram users. You can have private and encrypted conversations with anyone you want.

Of course, there are political reasons why the telegram was launched in Iran at one time.

Since Telegram is considered by everyone to be a Russian company, because relations between Iran and Russia are better than in other countries of the world.

It encouraged officials and government agencies to encourage people to use it.

But it is interesting to know that Telegram offices and servers are somewhere outside Russia that are worth pondering!

However, since software such as WhatsApp has been proven to be spy, it is preferable for people to use Telegram more.

boost Telegram channel

boost Telegram channel

How to boost Telegram channel

These were some of the reasons that quickly made Telegram popular, which was the last reason for the growth of Telegram in Iran.

However, if you like, you can also have free and comprehensive communication with anyone you like using Telegram.

Follow the other tutorials on the Telegram training site.

There are so many methods to grow Telegram channel that even many novice managers are semi-professional.

Even the professionals of Telegram channels are not familiar with some of them, and this lack of familiarity has caused.

In addition to the inability of management to grow the channel.

Sometimes they have faced financial and non-financial losses due to not knowing these ways.

There are three methods to grow a telegram channel

1- Publish posts for Telegram grow users

All or most of the channel posts are published in other groups depending on the attractiveness.

For the users of that channel and due to the existence of your channel ID below the posts.

This will cause new members to come to your channel.

So the more attractive and popular your channel posts are, the more your channel and business will grow.

Telegram Exchange

Telegram Exchange

2- Exchange and advertising

Advertise your channel by other channels and at the same time advertise other channels by your channel.

There are several types of exchanges:

3- List exchange

The oldest telegram exchange in which a large number of channels created a list of channels by selecting a title with the channel idea.

All channels put that list in their channel as the last post for a certain period of time.

This type of exchange was the most profitable telegram exchange at the time.

Due to the fact that the list was set by the manager of the exchange group, the channel managers did not have to bother for this exchange.

This type of exchange was more suitable for channels with low members and in the early period of channel growth. As this type of exchange, although from Iranian channels

Almost closed-mindedness is spreading on foreign channels, and there are other ways to advertise such that have almost lost their effectiveness.

Telegram channel growth and consequently the growth of your business

Today, the best advertising method is the method provided by the sites in such a way that the site owners place your advertising banner inside the site, which has the highest efficiency.

Advertising on sites is one of the best ways to grow the Telegram channel.

Because when a user enters a site, he enters that site completely voluntarily, and again, he sees and selects the advertisement completely voluntarily.

If you are looking for buy Telegram members and consult with our experts and get the most return at the lowest cost.

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