telegram subscribers
Telegram poll votes (Useful Tips)
January 7, 2020
Telegram Grow
Why Did Telegram Grow? (Interesting Points)
February 19, 2021
telegram subscribers
Telegram poll votes (Useful Tips)
January 7, 2020
Telegram Grow
Why Did Telegram Grow? (Interesting Points)
February 19, 2021
Buy Real Telegram Subscribers

Buy Real Telegram Subscribers

How to buy real Telegram subscribers and followers? Telegram is a free messaging app that is widely used worldwide today. With more than 200 million monthly subscribers and channels with more than 3 million subscribers, it’s a perfect place to set up your business and start your long journey to success.

But of course, one important factor remains. subscribers, yes! You will need members to promote your channel, sell products to them and eventually earn money. How are you going to attract members? Who are these members? How are you going to find them? And a million other questions we’re intending to answer in this article.

What are Telegram channel subscribers?

One of the most important aspects of a messenger app is the ability to create channels. Channels are especially important because they can be set up by anyone, publish content about any subject and can attract subscribers from any corner of the world. It’s not important what you’re going to publish in your channel.

The content you’re publishing can be a video, music, picture or even an audio. The ones who choose to join your channel and follow the content you’re creating, are your members.

Why do you need subscribers for your Telegram channel?

When you’re publishing content or selling products, you would want your content to be read by a wider audience and your products to reach a bigger customer base. That’s why you need subscribers. With more members, you will get a higher interaction rate. More people will share your content, more people would visit your channel and some channels might be willing to pay you money to promote them.

There are many ways to increase your Telegram channel subscribers including adding subscribers by yourself, promoting your channel on other social media platforms, sharing your channel link in other chat groups, asking other channels to promote your channel, advertising for your channel on Facebook and putting your channel on catalogue websites. The downside of these methods is that they all take a lot of time and money, and there’s no guarantee they would work.

The most secure and reliable method is purchasing real Telegram members. Keep in mind that purchasing real Telegram subscribers will help you not fake subscribers! to buy Telegram members and post views, you will need to know where to buy from and how to know what a real Telegram member is. Keep up and we will answer all your questions:

real Telegram members

real Telegram members

What are real Telegram members?

Real members equal engagement and money. The more subscribers you have, the more post views you will have. The more post views you have, users are more likely to visit your channel. And the more members you have, more channels will want to pay you for promoting them. Long story short, more followers will attract more subscribers to your channel.

What we’re talking about here, is real subscribers. Followers who view your posts, share the ones they like, invite others to join your channel and participate in polls. We’re not talking about fake members, who are just a number and will do no good for post views, poll participation and the reputation of your channel. Channels with fake members are like abandoned houses.

There are a lot of subscribers but no one has viewed even one post. Just like haunted houses, these channels will also be avoided by users.

How to attract subscribers?

First method: attracting real Telegram subscribers

You’re going to exchange links with other channels. Meaning you will share their link on your channel and they will share yours. This method works very slow and you might need to exchange 1000 links to get to a proper number of subscribers.

Second method: buy real Telegram members

Most people prefer this method because it allows you to add a proper number of subscribers to your channel in a little time. This method is especially beneficial to start-up owners and newly-set businesses willing to introduce their services as soon as possible. There are two different ways of purchasing real Telegram members for your channel:

Mandatory addition of subscribers

In mandatory addition, subscribers will not know they have joined your channel. Your channel’s activity will be hidden from them and they will notice nor be able to leave your channel. there are three different types of mandatory addition:

Real followers

Users will know they’ve joined your channel. It’s up to them! If they like your channel they will stay, if they don’t they will leave. subscribers loss in this method is relatively high.

Silent followers

Members don’t receive a “you joined this channel” message. That is why they will not immediately find out they’ve joined your channel. they will later find out about your channel and decide if they want to stay or not. Member loss in this method is also relatively high.

Fake followers

Followers will never know they’ve joined your channel. they will never view your channel or get an alert about it. Member loss in this method is very little, but you will get no interaction. With this method, there will be no post views, sharing posts or participate in polls.

Add Telegram Group Followers

Add Telegram Group Followers


Add Telegram Group Followers

with voluntary addition subscribers will decide themselves if they want to join your channel or not. They will know about your channel and follow your activities. There are three ways to add members to your channel with their knowledge:

Followers will receive a pop-up notification asking them if they want to join your channel or not. Users receive a notification at the top of their phones, asking them if they want to join your channel.

The difference between the mandatory and voluntary addition

Subscribers will not know about your channel so they’re not going to view your posts, share them or participate in polls. But with voluntary addition, members will themselves decide if they want to stay or not. So they’re going to participate in activities, share your posts and attract new subscribers to your channel. Because of the above reasons, it’s better to buy real Telegram members for your channel.

How to know if your subscribers are real?

Now that you’ve set your mind about purchasing real Telegram subscribers, you need to know who you should trust. Make sure you’re purchasing real Telegram members from a reliable website, try to find customer reviews about them and search about their relevant works.

You can always find out if your members are real by sending a link into your channel and ask your subscribers to open it or share an mp3 or mp4 file and ask them to view it.

If 90% of your subscribers open the link and/or view the mp3 or the mp4 file, you don’t need to worry they’re real. But if only 40% or less members open the link and view the mp3 or the video file, they’re probably fake.

boost real Telegram channel members

boost real Telegram channel members

Why your members must be real?

Remember you’re going to introduce your products and/or share content with your audience. If subscribers are fake, what good will it do for you if nobody views your posts, Nobody buys anything from you, nobody shares your posts and nobody takes part in polls? As we said earlier the worst thing you could do, is having a lot of members and post views.

Subscribers will immediately understand that there’s something wrong with that channel and it might even destroy their previous image of you.


Purchasing real Telegram subscribers is an inevitable process everyone willing to do business in Telegram must go through. When purchasing real Telegram members pay attention to the details below:

  • Buy members from a reliable website: pay attention to user reviews and other people’s experiences with the website.
  • Try to contact someone who has done similar work before. It’s very important to find someone who knows exactly what you want to do.
  • Be careful about jobbers trying to sell you fake subscribers: fake members do more harm than good. You could add fake subscribers by using a bot in Telegram. You don’t need assistance for that.
  • Have a consistent content strategy: try to keep your subscribers in your channel by producing creative, interesting contents.
  • Try to publish your posts at scheduled times: publish your posts at a fixed time every day. Do not publish posts between 2:00 A.M and 8:00 A.M.
  • To keep your buy real Telegram members, try to post during the week. People are less likely to view posts at weekends.

For any further information or question about purchasing real Telegram subscribers, please contact us! We will be there for you!

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