What Are Telegram Collectible Usernames?

How to search and find emoji in Telegram?
How To Search And Find Emoji In Telegram?
October 13, 2023
Telegram Subscriber Increase
Telegram Subscriber Increase
October 24, 2023
How to search and find emoji in Telegram?
How To Search And Find Emoji In Telegram?
October 13, 2023
Telegram Subscriber Increase
Telegram Subscriber Increase
October 24, 2023
What are Telegram collectible usernames

What are Telegram collectible usernames

Telegram recently introduced a new feature called collectible usernames that allows users to acquire unique usernames on the messaging platform. These special usernames are in high demand as they stand out from regular usernames. In this post, we’ll look at collectible usernames, how they work, and why people want them. Telegram is a popular messaging app used by over 500 million people worldwide. It offers secure messaging and features like channels, bots, stickers, and more. Telegram usernames are the handles people use to identify themselves on the platform, like a Twitter handle. Usually, usernames contain regular words, phrases, or combinations of letters and numbers.

However, Telegram has now introduced collectible usernames that are short, unique and visually appealing. These are 4-5 letter usernames containing vowels like @aaaaa, @eeeee, @ooooo. There are only a limited number of them, and they cannot be changed once acquired. This makes them valuable and prestigious to have.

♣ Collectible usernames work just like basic usernames, they appear in Global Search results and have deep links, just like basic usernames.

What Are Collectible Usernames?

Collectible usernames are essentially like limited edition usernames on Telegram. They stand out from common usernames due to their distinctiveness. Some features of collectible usernames:

  • They consist of 4-5 letters, primarily vowels like a, e, o.
  • Only certain usernames determined by Telegram can be collectible.
  • They can only be obtained via an auction on the Telegram platform.
  • They don’t change.
  • There is a limited supply, increasing their exclusivity.
  • Having one shows a long-term commitment to Telegram.
  • They cost money to acquire, as people have to bid auction-style.

TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network, secures the ownership of collectible usernames.

Buying Telegram Subscribers

In addition to collectible usernames, some Telegram users also buy subscribers for their channels and groups. Having more subscribers makes an account look more popular and established. Paid services exist to provide real Telegram users to subscribe and follow accounts for a fee. Buying followers is controversial, but it remains a tactic used by influencers, businesses, and creators.

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Why Do People Want Collectible Usernames?

There are several reasons why Telegram users desire these collectible usernames:

  • Status symbol – Due to their exclusivity, they have a prestige factor attached to them. They signal that the user is important or wealthy enough to own such a username.
  • Branding – Businesses, influencers, artists, and creators can establish strong branding with a memorable collectible username.
  • Uniqueness – They allow users to stand out with a one-of-a-kind username no one else has.
  • Investment – With a limited supply and rising demand, they are assets that may appreciate over time like domain names.
  • Customization – They enable users to put their stamp on their Telegram identity.
  • Flexibility – Telegram does not allow username changes. These usernames are non-sellable.

Telegram collectible usernames


Telegram’s collectible usernames are the latest trend on the messaging platform. The unique short usernames draw attention and exclusivity – making them highly sought after. They are auctioned to users who want to pay for the prestige and personal branding of owning such a username. Given their scarcity and increasing desirability, collectible usernames are likely to retain or gain value; establishing them as digital assets on Telegram.

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