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Editing Telegram messages

Editing Telegram messages

Telegram is a widely used messaging app with many cool features and a user-friendly interface. One of its helpful features is the ability to edit messages, even after you’ve sent them. This functionality allows users to correct typos, update information, or improve the clarity of their messages.

In this article, we’ll show you how to edit messages in Telegram, so you can take full advantage of this handy feature.

Steps To Edit Telegram Messages

To edit text messages you’ve sent in Telegram, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Telegram and navigate to the chat or conversation where the message you want to edit is located.

Step 2: Find the specific message you wish to modify. Tap on it to make a menu appear.

tap on message

Step 3: From the menu that appears, tap the “Edit” option.

tap on edit

Step 4: Telegram will open the message in editing mode, allowing you to make changes. You can add, delete, or rewrite the content to correct errors. You can also change the formatting, such as applying bold, italic, or strikethrough styles to the text.

editing telegram messages

Step 5: After making the necessary edits, tap the “Send” button or the checkmark icon to save and update the edited message. Note that editing a message in Telegram does not change its original timestamp. The edited message will still retain the time it was initially sent.

Once you have edited a message in Telegram, the app will display a small “edited” label below the message. This informs other participants in the conversation that the message has been edited.


The ability to edit messages in Telegram provides users with the flexibility to correct errors and improve the clarity of their communication. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily edit your messages, ensuring that your conversations remain accurate and coherent. So take advantage of this useful feature to enhance your Telegram messaging experience.

How To Edit Messages In Telegram?

Frequently Asked Question On Editing Messages In Telegram

  • Do recipients receive a notification when a message is edited in their Telegram chat?

No, Telegram does not send a specific notification to recipients or group members when a message is edited. However, the edited message will be labeled as “edited”.

  • Is there a limit to the number of times I can edit a message in Telegram?

There are no restrictions on the frequency of editing a message in Telegram. However, it’s important to remember that you can only edit messages that were sent within the past 48 hours.

  • Is it possible to edit messages in a secret chat?

No, once you send a message in a secret chat, it cannot be edited or modified.

  • What are the reasons for being unable to edit a message in Telegram?

There are three possible reasons for not being able to edit a message in Telegram. Firstly, if you are in a secret chat, editing messages is not supported. Secondly, if more than 48 hours have passed since you sent the message, editing it will no longer be possible. Finally, in group chats or channels, the ability to edit messages might be restricted based on the administrator’s settings.

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