Making Money From Telegram
Making Money From Telegram
October 12, 2021
Finding Telegram Channels
Finding Telegram Channels
October 24, 2021
Making Money From Telegram
Making Money From Telegram
October 12, 2021
Finding Telegram Channels
Finding Telegram Channels
October 24, 2021
Telegram Tricks

Telegram Tricks

Many experts believe the fact that Telegram tricks are the major factors for gaining such popularity.

When it comes to comparing the other social media.

This online platform has provided a lot of features and tricks that make using it easier and more effective.

It seems that the major intention of this app is providing more usability and security.

During the recent years and with the latest updates, it has proved the fact that they are faithful to their goals and promises.

It would be a good idea to go through this article and learn to take advantage of such tricks.

Definition of Telegram Tricks

As mentioned before, Telegram tricks mean all those features that make Telegram more beneficial.

By using these tricks you are going to be at more ease rather than the other similar messengers.

These tricks can increase the speed of using Telegram features and more than that increasing the quality of the usage.

User will be stick to this app and as you can see most of them have achieved a lot of business and fame success with this app.

Do not miss the rest of the article to learn these tricks and use them for your own sake.

Telegram easy tricks

Telegram easy tricks

Telegram Tricks and Editing the Sent Message

Unlike some of the popular app that you cannot do anything with the sent messages, Telegram allows you to edit them.

By taping on the message and choosing the pen icon which is for editing, you can edit your message.

Need to click on the blue checkmark to save the changes.

You can see the label “Edited” on the right bottom corner of the messages.

The only thing that you need to consider is that you can edit your messages on chat for only up to 48 hours.

Edit the post of your Telegram channels anytime that you want.

Telegram Tricks by Silent Messages 

Sometimes there are some contacts that you want to send them messages but you know they are busy.

You care about them so much that you don’t want to disturb them and let them read your messages whenever they have time.

Telegram has provided tricky features that allow you to gain this aim.

By activating the silent messages feature, the receiver of your messages will receive the messages without any sound or vibration on their device.

For using this feature, when you want to tap on the send icon, you need to hold on to it.

Then choose the option of “Send without sound” and finish the process of making messages silent.

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Self-destruct Media in Normal Chats

Among the other Telegram tricks, the self-destruct media is one of the interesting ones.

If you have used the “Secret Chat” on Telegram, you certainly know about its self-destruction feature.

In the recent updates of Telegram, this feature is not limited only to a secret chat.

Activate the self-destruct feature on normal chat for omitting media such as videos and photos after a while.

To do that, you need to tap on the “timer” button before sending the media.

After setting the time, the media will automatically be deleted exactly at the time you have chosen.

Schedule Messages

The other interesting trick of Telegram is the schedule message.

With this feature, you can set a schedule for sending messages.

In other words, you can send a prepared message at an exact time and date.

This feature has enlightened busy people and they find relief in sending urgent messages.

They never miss the chance for sending congrats to their besties or sending business messages.

For using this feature, you need to hold the “send” icon before publishing the messages and click on the “Schedule message”.

It is time to set the time and date and then, the message will be sent at your preferred time.

Telegram social media

Telegram social media

Edit Videos

One of the other Telegram tricks is the feature of editing videos.

Edit videos before sending them.

To do that, after choosing the video that you want to send, you will see a window with editing features.

Do a lot of things including going for different editing elements including contrast, exposure, saturation, and more.

According to many reviews, this feature of Telegram has a lot of fans and people enjoy the ease of using it.

It would be a good idea if you go for this trick as well.

Delete Sender’s Message

By this Telegram trick, you can not only delete the messages that you have sent but also those that you have received.

For using this feature of Telegram, you just need to select the messages that you have received and choose the “delete” button.

There is also the possibility to delete the message for the sender by selecting “Also delete for X” and then by clicking on “Delete”.

At the end of this process, you have deleted the message for both ends.

This trick could be a good one for the sake of privacy and security which is the major goal of Telegram.

Quick GIF and YouTube Search

And finally, one of the most interesting Telegram tricks which is also the favorite one of a lot of users is the quick GIF and YouTube search.

Search for a gif or a YouTube video without leaving the app.

Just must type @gif or @youtube and then enter your search query.

It is time to choose the one that you want in the result list.

Copy a Part of Text from a Message

This feature is categorized under Telegram typing tricks and is known as a useful feature.

If you look at similar messengers, you will see there is no possibility for choosing a part of text unless copying the whole text and then select the part that you want.

Telegram is not bound to such limitations.

Tap and hold a text on Telegram and then tap and hold on to the text to choose the part that you want.

popular Telegram methods

popular Telegram methods

The Bottom Line

Telegram tricks 2021 are completing the previous tricks.

Use these tricks to increase the speed of your progress on Telegram.

Because if you want to gain fame and profit on Telegram, you need to know these tricks and use them at the right time.

Some of these tricks are so unique and interesting that enlighten people from all over the world to use this app for more serious reasons.

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    When I edit a text in the channel, do the channel members notice that the text has been edited?

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