What Are Telegram Shareable Folders?

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What are Telegram shareable folders?

What are Telegram shareable folders?

Today, where instant communication is paramount, Telegram stands as a popular choice for messaging and group communication. Among its many features, Telegram offers a valuable tool called “Shareable Folders.” This article will delve into what Telegram Shareable Folders are and how they can be leveraged to enhance your Telegram group experience, including using strategies like “Buy Telegram Members” to grow your community.

Understanding Telegram Shareable Folders

Telegram Shareable Folders serve as digital containers within which you can efficiently organize and share files, documents, and multimedia content with your fellow group members. Think of them as virtual file cabinets designed to simplify your digital file management.

Creating Shareable Folders

Creating a Shareable Folder on Telegram is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Creating Chat Folders: To create a chat folder, go to Settings > Chat Folders on any Telegram app. Pick the chats you’d like included, and give them a name – your folder will appear as a separate tab in your chat list, like Work or News. Chat folders can have up to 200 chats each – and any chat can be added to multiple folders.
  2. Sharing Your Folders: To share your folder, long press the folder name in your chat list and select ‘Share’ – or open the folder in Settings > Chat Folders. This will create a new invite link for your folder. You can choose which of the chats from the folder will become available to the people with this link.
Creating Shareable Folders

Creating Shareable Folders

With these steps completed, your Shareable Folder is ready for use.

Benefits of Using Shareable Folders

Telegram Shareable Folders offer several advantages that can significantly enhance your Telegram group experience:

  • Effortless Organization: Shareable Folders allow you to neatly categorize and manage your content, preventing information overload within group chats.
  • Streamlined Sharing: As the name implies, Shareable Folders streamline the process of sharing multiple files with group members, promoting efficient collaboration.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: In group projects or collaborative efforts, Shareable Folders enable all members to access and contribute to the shared content, fostering teamwork.
  • Privacy Control: You retain control over who can access your Shareable Folder. It can be either public or restricted to specific individuals or groups, ensuring your content’s privacy.
  • Cross-Device Accessibility: Shareable Folders are securely stored in the cloud, granting you access from any device with Telegram installed. Say goodbye to concerns about data loss due to device issues.

Choosing Chats to Share

When creating an invite link, you can choose any public groups or channels as well as private groups and channels where you have the admin right to invite users. Individual users and bots can’t be shared with the folder, but users can add them manually later.

Sharing a folder with someone allows them to directly join all its chats – even ones that normally need Join Requests (for this reason, only admins can add public chats with join requests to shareable folders).

Telegram Shareable Folders

Accessing Shared Folders

If a fellow group member shares a Shareable Folder with you, here’s how to access it:

  1. Locate the group chat where the folder was shared.
  2. Click on the shared folder.
  3. Opt to “Join” the folder to access its contents.

Boosting Your Telegram Group with “Buy Telegram Members”

While Shareable Folders enhance group functionality, growing your Telegram community may require additional strategies. “Buy Telegram Members” is a service that can help expedite group growth by increasing your member count. This service provides you with real Telegram users who can actively engage in your group discussions, boosting its vibrancy and appeal.


In Conclusion, Telegram Shareable Folders are invaluable for maintaining a well-organized and efficient group environment. Whether your group is for personal interests or professional collaborations, Shareable Folders streamline content management and simplify collaboration. By combining this feature with strategies like “Buy Telegram Members,” you can supercharge your Telegram group and create a thriving online community. Give it a try, and witness the positive impact it can have on your Telegram experience.

Telegram shareable folders

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