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January 7, 2020
Buy Real Telegram Members
Buy Real Telegram Members
January 7, 2020
Telegram Link Exchange

Telegram Link Exchange

Telegram link exchange group

You can exchange your links as a single link, post, rotary, list and banner in night or day time with thousands of Telegram channel or group administrators ready to provide you with thousands of admins who can do link exchange on Telegram.

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Telegram managers exchange links in a group so that several administrators are grouped together and then the group manager converts them into a list and all administrators are required to forward that list to their channel.
The length of time that links should remain in the admin channel depends on the exchange link manager, which is usually the best time to exchange between 9am to 9pm, and I suggest you exchange at this time.

Telegram link exchange is divided into several categories, such as link exchange and rotation post exchange, which gives you a post in the admin list that you should forward to the same channel, but in rotation exchange (also called banner exchange), each Telegram channel administrator has a banner that gives you a banner. You see ads and you have to forward all your banners except your own banner in your channel.

Telegram link exchange group

How to exchange links on Telegram?

You can find many Telegram link exchange group that accept banners and link of Telegram channels.
Most of them have members from 1k to 1m or more, and that your channel must have as many members as you can enter. Avoid insulting each other separately and do not bring pornographic channels to link exchange groups.

Those who join link exchange groups will avoid spamming and sending inappropriate banners because this is the only place where they can be exchanged for non-expansive channel posts and inappropriate posts. Try not to buy from the people in the chat but if you make a purchase and you do not succeed admin will not accept responsibility.

Telegram link exchange group



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